Monday, September 24, 2007

.The awakening.

I am writing my very first blog in the wee hours of the night. I can't sleep. My mind is racing as I am creating stories for the next day. Stories with characters, my character. In my thoughts I invent, I enter places and discover possibilities that my open eye could never see in broad daylight. I come alive in a world that may seem dark at first, but oh so fascinating once thoroughly explored and creatively imagined.

What if my thoughts would create reality for tomorrow? What is so strong that holds me back from sleeping, from shutting my eye and thinking endlessly of happenings in life? The mind is powerful and it leads me to the one place at night; my ultimate dreams.

I have always wanted to become everything. I never knew what goal really to follow. Is there a writer in me? Or a Fashionista? Do I enjoy working with children or will my culinary domestic skills finally be recognized and I'd be a host of my own show? Questions from a mind of an all-rounder who wants it all, yet is forced back by nature to follow one path. One path alone.

I still am looking for the key to all these exciting places. My mind still wanders and will never stop questioning. You all may call it sleep, A nap time for your body after a hard day at work or perhaps the tiredness of life itself. I call it...

."My awakening".

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Anonymous said...

u r a great writer nila!!