Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ever had the feeling
of something standing in your way and you’d be afraid to try out, underestimating your abilities to the very core of your being? Your heart may be willing to take the chance but your thoughts would contemplate and play tricks with your mind?

I have. It is a familiar feeling to me. Taking that one step towards 'knowing' is as exhilarating and nerve breaking as driving a nascar. (which I haven’t, but must be in relation to the above mentioned emotions)…Maybe I thrive to remain in the “Unknown”. The mystery of not knowing makes me live life excitedly…? Or perhaps not?

We make things difficult for ourselves which in reality they aren’t. They’re just mere obstacles in our way to overcome what lays affront; an action or reward of some sort.
We may not remember the very first step we took as a toddler when making the transition from crawling to actually walking on both feet, but our parents do. They have encountered our fears and encouraged us along the way, letting the challenges appear much easier for us with their countless support and loving words. The smiles on our faces with the growing of a teeth or two must have melted their hearts like candle wax. Those very sweet and unconscious moments saved in a stored corner of our mind, we can not travel back to, but relive the same moments in our lives as we become parents ourselves; repeating the very same humane actions of nurturing to our very Young and Adorable, hoping one day for them to turn into the self-caring Bold and Beautiful.

Life is certainly a journey of chapters we live by. Some of us, quickly skim through the chapters and don’t pay attention to the very details of the story and some make an effort to comprehend and imply the author’s teachings in our lives, so that the forthcoming chapters would fall into place as one complete puzzle. Your author can be God, your parents or you YOURSELF. I believe in being the author of my destiny and God is my ultimate Guidance. Sometimes it is the other way around, whereas I am trying to guide God to write my destiny just the way I want …but to no avail. God is much smarter than that, His Guidance can not be misunderstood.

As I am writing this, I am sitting in my balcony outside, enjoying the November cool breeze with the sun that is shy to fully reveal itself. I look behind and this enormous tree is covering my sunshine. A few strands of the sun fall onto my laptop and I enjoy watching the sun struggling to shine through the thick moist leaves and branches of the tree, just to reach me. The sun’s exposure as little as it is, is truly gratifying to my entire soul. I feel loved. And gone is my sun, leaving me abruptly in the shade of life’s mystery….

I recently made Biryani at home. Biryani is a moghul Pakistani/Indian dish that is originated from the Moghul era of Kings and Emperors filled with authentic spices and saturated with irresistible aroma. This is a rich meal made of meat and rice to quench your senses and is wildly popular among anyone who loves Pakistani/Indian food. The preparation for Biryani is a step by step process and requires full attentive love. Biryani was very intimidating at first, since this dish was a favorite of mine during childhood and all the aunties or my mom who’d prepare Biryani for me, I’d instantly consider (them) magicians.

My impression of Biryani held a very high level for me and I was afraid that in the making of this special dish, I may not do justice to it…until…

...I made it! I followed each and every step and integrated some of my fresh ideas, but kept the originality intact, resulting into a blendful of tender spiceful marinated chicken pieces mixed into the glorious Basmati rice with flavorful bay leaves, cloves and cardamom seeds . Hmmmm…my work was done; the complexity of spices and the lengthy preparation seemed attainable for me as I no longer feel intimidated by Biryani. I feel accomplished, triumphant, maybe close to the oblivious joy I felt when I started walking (?), and more so; delighted for welcoming the 'Moghuls' in my very home. The beginning of a new chapter written and lived through my own eyes;
A tradition of spices and flavor I’d like to continue for as long as I am here…

…My very own tasteful


Anonymous said...

Every one like Biryani.....very good. thankyou;

Florence said...

hi u r so cute