Thursday, November 29, 2007

Writer’s Strike- “I don’t like”

Your favorite sitcom, drama or comedy show may be on for one more week before the reruns will start pouring down the tube. Comedy shows like Jay Leno have ancient reruns playing of more than ten to fifteen years old I am estimating. Although, it is hard to tell with Jay Leno’s set of gray hair even back then, but his awfully wide, out of proportion suit, easily gives it away and of course the lighting and background set aren’t of this Era, one can immediately detect.

My favorites? I must say my guilty pleasure on Sunday night is none other than Desperate Housewives followed by Brothers & Sisters, which I only happen to like because of the focus on family and the quarrels between siblings I find so universal, don’t you think?

You may have thought that I have been on some kind of strike myself, due to my absence. But rest assured, I am always willing to write….no strikes for me, unless there is gain for pain; count me in! ;) Although, most of the time I am craving to write, I do find myself having mood swings as anyone else, ruining my appetite to share even the slightest bit of detail with the world. But then once I repress my feelings, I try to find outlets by talking people’s heads off….I go on and on and feel as if a void has to be filled by pure communication alone. I surrender. Writing is truly dear to me than I thought and I find it quite therapeutic. I wonder how the writers are doing? Pacing the curbside for hours and hours, holding elaborate signs in front of big broadcasting companies, trying to convey their message; more money for intellectual input! Oh, I wish I was one of them…I’d be happy to see Ray Romano or Robin Williams giving me support, bringing donuts to stand in solidarity. Striking for more dough couldn’t get any better, I tell ya that!

Let’s see how long the American public is willing to sacrifice their entertainment. Knowing that after upcoming Sunday, my desperate need for watching Desperate Housewives will come to an end, makes me feel like a true desperado…

Unless Heroes come along to save the day...uhmm never mind.

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RTipton said...

Yes. I agree. The writer's strike is very unfortunate. I will miss my shows very much...