Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My 7th Heaven: 2007

As we have left 2007 behind us, 2008 just seems like a number alone, digits that we haven't put any meaning to yet. Memories are still to be made within this new year as we cherish the memories, the beautiful or not so beautiful moments of last year.

2007 was in many ways a very blissful and exciting year for me. I got married in March and marriage has since then really suited me! I couldn't have been happier. :) Life has taken a total new twist within last year's journey and now that I look back, I feel like a more accomplished human being than ever before. I feel content and I am satisfied with all I have, but the eagerness of having the best in life still burns as a spark within me. Perhaps that's the energy that makes me...ME. :)

I have just come back from a nice vacation at my parental home in California. My flight to Oakland, California was late afternoon, but we left early in order to avoid traffic. I arrived at a good time and had enough time to grab a sandwich and catch up on my reading.
My flight went smoothly and I couldn't wait to see my sister! The airport was crowded due to the holidays, but when I finally saw Madiha running towards me I couldn't help but squeal out of joy. Our relationship is such, that we are more like 'twin sisters' than just regular sisters. I immediately felt like I embraced my replica, thus my lovely sister Madiha. The drive didn't seem that long since we were talking away, about everything; her life, my life, her studies, my studies etc. She said I looked very good and that my face was glowing and that my hair was silkier than ever. I of course referred her to the new hair products that I have started using lately. It's so much fun to just talk about these things and know that she puts the same importance on the things that I do, nothing has really changed! :) When making new friends, its often hard to talk about the little specifics right away, since a relationship is still about to be established, but a sisterly bond requires no formalities, no hesitance whatsoever. :)
Ammi Jaan (my mom) was eagerly waiting for me and my little brother, Sammer, was assigned to call us and inquire as to where we were on the road to parental home sweet home :)

Seeing Ammi and the warmth she carries with her made me really feel like a kid again. Running towards my mom happily and hugging her tightly felt secure and so sweet. My mom had all my favorite meals ready and the house was as beautiful as ever.
Nabeel and Sammer couldn't help but make sarcastic comments, haha, like all brothers do and I immediately felt a part of their clan. The coolness that exists between siblings is truly priceless, they reflect particles of your personality, making you realize to see the wit and humor you grew up with. All of my family was excited and happy to see me so happy and positive. I have been smiling and talking about hubby dear, all the good times we share and they are more than happy to listen to all the geeky stories I have to tell. :) According to my siblings, I have taken Azam's humor and laugh at things I never considered funny before. At times they think I am weird... haha I grant them their rightful observation. ;)

San Francisco is one of the places I really love. Walking down the streets and enjoying Italian food amongst great friends, was long overdue! Laughing, acting silly, taking pictures, noticing the attentive looks as we'd pass by, really felt young and refreshing!

2007, my seventh heaven. 2008, will surely be great!!! :)

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