Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep as important as it is to me; a drug to my tiring physique, a nurturer to my mind and a temporary escape from this world, it's also a burden of sleepless anxieties of falling asleep if you know what I mean. The expectation of 'sleep' is in itself tiring, knowing that you HAVE to sleep rather than naturally fall sleep and wake up automatically. The multiple awakenings, the annoying movements and the awareness of each and every sound...whether it's your next door neighbor turning on the TV whose living room happens to be next to your bedroom, separating the two families with a mere thin wooden wall. One can't even say 'brick wall'.

I'd prefer to move away in a house with no walls, where sounds of mine echo back my familiar self. Where disturbance is only of the wind blowing, the stars gazing and the birds chirping. Where an endless sea of tulips, roses and dahlias welcome me as I open the door to my master balcony, looking down upon my flowery servants, full of fragrance and color. While the morning breeze touches my cheeks like a morning kiss that elates my soul and gives me encouragement to wake up...rise and shine!

Sleep. No wonder the word 'sheep' is so close to sleep.
I also wonder how many sheep it takes to fall asleep. Never done that.
Maybe the elongation of "ee" in sleep and sheep makes the word sound soothing and therefore boring. Like the science behind "Ohm", the more you say it in meditation, repeating this mantra over and over again, the more peaceful you feel with your inner-self.
Emphasizing the Oooo= opening your mouth....HHHH= breathing deeply and MMMM= trying to reach the very core of your soul.

For some reason, sleep in all its mystery and magic, has many times taken place in fairy tales. What was snow white thinking when she was put to eternal sleep to never wake up until the prince kissed her out of unconsciousness? The magic behind not knowing of what overcame her and in what state she was in, made it even more exciting to see her waking up in the arms of the handsome prince.

A sleep that was so beautifully manufactured, without any imperfections. Her lips as red as the apple, her hair neatly tied around a hair band, and her perfect posture that made her look like an angel and ready to be seen. What'd she do? Brush her teeth before the scene?

If we consider ourselves sleeping beauties we may wake up looking like one! At the end some of us may not be greeted by a prince who has traveled distances just to see your beautiful face in the morning. You see, snow white was lucky to have had such high praise about her beauty that left royalty wanting to see her. Walls should be broken...all barriers should be taken away....maybe the jungle will do some justice to us girls, so that praise/admiration can reach the seven dwarfs resulting into a world wide chase of 'natural beauty'. Real natural, I say. ;)

If beauty sleep can restore criticism about ourselves, if it can restore and fix me being too much reliable on all the beauty products that are readily available on my dresser, then I will, without any doubt, sleep like sleeping beauty and wake up like snow white...if not in the arms of a prince (for the hopeful), then waking up knowing that sleep has converted the "uselessness" of our human bodies for an estimate of 8 hours, into something everlasting;

A youthful and radiant appearance!
Sleep well! :)

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