Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wants vs Needs

Lately, I have been chilling in the mornings; after making hubby dear his breakfast (we're out of cereal and I don't feel like driving to the grocery store) , I have felt the 'need' lately to start off his mornings on a good Italian bread sandwich with a fried egg folded into a little bit of hummus, salt and pepper. The egg is a good protein to start off the day, topping it with a smile and a good amount of energy!

A couple of years back, I would have never thought that I'd be wanting to make breakfast and lunch for my loved one, but I have come to the discovery and surprisingly so, that I like waking up early and taking charge of the kitchen. I find my kitchen to be my "lab" of experimental culinary adventures; I am nothing like a stepford's wife or martha stewart and neither would I like to be, but to become a "caring factor" to someone you love and respect for all the hard work he/she puts in, is far more satisfying than sleeping in -- so I've decided that it has rather become more of my "want" than just a "need" to prepare breakfast and box in some lunch all handy with plastic utensils, napkins and a sliced apple for the after taste. The mysterious brown bag he carries with him is nothing less than a box of pandora! ;)

Maybe it is the 'traditional-self' in me who loves taking care or the fact that I was brought up in a (liberal) Pakistani household where my mom would lovingly take care of not only her spouse, but her children as well; so effortlessly, so beautifully. Although, I have never felt the pressure to perform; there's days when I just lay back and am not in the mood to even enter the kitchen, let alone cook. At times like that, eating out becomes a luxury. I would never make it my neccesity, since the less I eat out, the more I enjoy the occassion of doing so. :)

In Europe the notion of eating out, is still considered 'luxurious' whereas in America eating out is just a form of grabbing dinner. I'd like to remain a little bit European and make fresh food at home; knowing that it is far more nutritious and healthy than any restaurant or cafe. The need to do what I think is right, easily becomes a 'want' in no time when you are aware of the amountless advantages that are associated with the benefits you gain at the end.
My benefit: I feel blessed and useful in my very own household, plus I like to copy all the dishes I try out outside, giving it my own twist and flavor; I can claim it as MINE than Joe's crab shack's fast food version.

The need for having cable for instance; wouldn't it be nice to zap through all the channels and have my favorite tv shows right there at my service or do I really want to? Have I ever considered the need for it? Looking at it from a more mature and productive perspective: no I perhaps don't need to have all the channels to my convenience, but my "want" can always overpower my "need". That is when I re-think, re-evaluate the situation;
Living in an apartment, having busy lives, trying to work hard to one day afford our own home and make our dreams come true; how much time do we actually spend watching TV anyways? At night, there are a couple of programs I like, apart from the news -- I like watching the usual King of Queens and Seinfeld, but missing out on Food Channel or the National Geographic Channel is definitely felt by husband and I, however the 'need' for not having it is stronger than the 'want' in this matter.

Life's control on things alone, is actually a good practise for keeping our humility and basic needs intact. With internet streaming into our household, all favorite episodes can be seen online and therefore 'technology' that is within our reach, is fully utilized, making the world a much happier place! :)

It is important to keep your wants and needs in alignment of actual reality. As humans, we'd obviously want more and more, but do we ever stop to think whether our neccesity of wanting is more of an unfulfilled desire that we are desperately trying to fill? Are desires the only focus of our happiness and self-fullfilment? I am asking myself here. I love beautiful things around me and I am guilty for wanting the best, but I will certainly wait for the best to come along, until I know the 'need' for the product or service and fully, consciously understand my 'want'.

Until then, my battle with 'wants and needs' continues to be my ying & yang of life; I hold on to to what I hold precious; the very best of everything, even if time challenges me of my patience...

I will wait.


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The 'need' or the 'want'?

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