Monday, October 18, 2010


The time has finally arrived; I will be becoming a mommy soon. It feels surreal and kind of incredible - almost as if I am talking about someone else, but reality is that I am carrying a baby that is soon to be delivered to this world on Friday, Oct. 22nd via induction or perhaps earlier if the baby decided to make an entry in the world all by itself. :)

I have gotten used to my big belly getting in my way and the inconvenience of not seeing my toes, which by the way, perfectly shows since applying nail polish on toe nails is like going into battle with my belly! The maneuvering part really catches me off guard and for that moment I realize that some things are better left undone and so I concur. Yesterday, I was trying to put a pair of socks on and parked myself on the edge of the bed, ready to dress my feet with the soft embrace of fabric - I horribly failed and called mr. hubby to help me out. He was sweet to grab each sock and put it on my feet which  left me with a rush of affection and adoring love for the man who has vowed to share his life with me and will soon become the father of my child. I looked at him and said; "This may be a fast-forward scene of how we will be in old age". 

I feel bittersweet about my pregnancy and the cross-over of bringing my child into this life - almost as if I'm leaving behind one responsibility of being a 'carrier' to accepting an ever bigger responsibility of becoming a 'mother'. With the grace of God, my pregnancy has been very enjoyable and I honestly have nothing to complain about. I feel so grateful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon us and I continue to praise Him for everything he has granted to  shower us with.

I strongly believe in having a positive attitude. One should smile, don't you think? I encounter people who do not smile and represent their miseries in life as a display for other people to judge on. I always ponder and ask; why would they do that? Why would you not put your best face up in society, regardless of all the problems, complexities you may be facing...? There is no point in attracting bad 'vibes' from those who pretend to be sympathetic, but in the meanwhile enjoy the ego-boost of your negativity. That is why I make a conscious effort to smile and be kind and in return 'enjoying life', becomes easier and not that much of a drag at times. Believe me, it works.

My child will be of "loving nature" as we have chosen the name for our baby - the meaning itself was a no-brainer and I immediately knew that I wanted my child to be of loving nature and exceed the purpose of his/her name beyond any expectations.

I am certain my Baby will...

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