Sunday, October 17, 2010

A New Look, A New Beginning!

Dear Readers,

This is my official comeback to the Blog World which I have ignored for quite a while now. I was confused as to where to put my thoughts and frankly, you seemed a little outdated to me so I started looking for different outlets to express myself. I must confess and humbly say, that I was wrong to "explore" my options and that you were and are loyal to me as the day I began to write on here.

A lot has changed since my last post; Yes, I am still pregnant, but we are counting down the days and the baby can come anytime now!
Another change, which you probably have noticed, and if not, it is okay - I have changed my template to a more suitable and tasteful layout which I personally find very appealing and I certainly hope you will too. My aim is to write on a regular basis and carve out a beautiful journey with you that we can both delve into, feel happy or sad about and learn from one and other. So, what do you say - are you in?

I am in a very happy place in my life which is not to say that 'happiness' per se, has come easy. On the contrary; I've had my share of challenges, tragic episodes and a lot of hard work to have created the 'Naila' I am now. Of course, it is needless to say that without my faith in God and love for mankind that has been instilled by my parents, I would never have been the person I am today and full credit belongs to them and my Creator. This Blog will host my feelings, my thoughts and how I look upon life on a daily basis. The topics can vary as every day varies from the days before, unlike Groundhog Day! (yes, my attempt to crack a joke - ha ha?). I am excited to step into motherhood and share my experiences with you and along the way, who knows, we might turn out to be each other's best friends! ;)

Stay patient with me as I have a lot to say, but also encourage me to become better, will ya? I would really appreciate your support 'Dear Diary' and my very dear readers. Here's a short text that I have posted on my FB wall and I'd love to share on this post:

"The dreams & hopes that shatter in front of our eyes, 
aren't necessarily destructive to our lives. What is, is to allow destruction to take over our dreams, our willingness to become better, stronger and greater. 
Fate. Destiny.

What is your take?"


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Rizzydizzy said...

I hope that this new beginning will make you grow and experience life as what it is truly meant to be. I pray that your baby will bring loads of happiness to a wonderful mother who is kind and loving. I pray that your child grows up to be JUST LIKE YOU! PERFECT and unselfish. Good luck and I love the new look.