Monday, March 10, 2008

March Madness

March is the month of severe weather, thunderstorms, possible tornado warnings. March is also a month of fashion with NY Fashion week kicking off its newest collections in the previous month, fashion shows all over the mainstream capitals start gearing up for Spring. March is also tax preparation month and a killer for those out there who have to pay up and are starving to save a tidbit until the grueling IRS period is behind their back for at least a year.

March is stressful for students studying for their midterms, sipping gallons of caffeine to stay alert when eagerly awaiting to finish their darn semester. March is Spring Break when you can take a breather or rather regret your kids being home. Ohhh March...
And you know what?

March also celebrates my 1st wedding anniversary. 25th March to be exact. So as we are busy in March, we are marching ahead and completing our tasks, knowing that March may come with some obstacles but March is fresh and new. March gives us bloom from seeds and new birth from a dreadful winter embracing warmth and happy beginnings. March that is.

In March there is Basant (kite-flying festival in Lahore, Pakistan) and there is Easter with mr. Bunny and his colorful eggs. In March there is Aids walk, the one I wanted to attend and am now reminded of, as I am typing? hmmm. March also ended the long-stretched Writer's strike that all of us were dreading and were hoping it would end sooner, oh well, better late than favorite shows will finally air and I'd be able to call it my TV-Sunday!
In the month of March, Dubai's annual shopping festival takes place attracting more than 2.5 million visitors from all over the world. I'd certainly have to see a festival this big! :)

March also welcomes the real "March Madness": The men and women basketball tournaments. These tournaments determine the national champions of college basketball.
If dunking a ball or buying a pair of heels is what you like, then you are free to choose your own madness. Mine is lost in the midst of trying to learn how to bake cookies and on the other spectrum; to stand on my feet and accomplish long-set goals.

March will set new ground to an establishment for all of us; whether it's taxes, a new baby, a new career, crazy weather, or a new spring fashion spree...we are laying a fertile soil for our little plants to grow on, promising a fruitful summer ahead of us!

If madness would come in the form of my dear friend March, I'd gladly accept it...won't you? ;)

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