Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Job Jitters

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my very first day on the job and as smooth as my interview went, I do feel a little jittery for starting off a new job. You must know, I have been out of work for almost a year now (beside some article writing). However, during the interview I felt as if I was back on track and my interview couldn't have gone better. I was confident, precise to my answers, attentive and witty when the need arose. I also smiled in between sentences which probably kept my conversation fresh and exciting.

You know, I really did a good job and I never felt nervous throughout the process. I like people asking me questions, I like answering challenging questions and most of all, I like to prove myself. This has been an ongoing inner struggle within myself; my self-worth. It's funny how I mentioned that my very first years when moving to America were essential to me, like my first teller job that I took and how it changed my approach and confidence in people and myself. I also said how much of a big role it played in developing people skills and getting to know America's culture. A country so vast and diverse, made an ever lasting impression on a girl who 10 years ago was sitting in a Dutch High school, wearing round glasses and braces with her hair neatly tied in a pony tail, a shy girl with a strong need to learn and absorb every little detail the teacher taught, while taking the front row seat in class.

Ha! I can't believe I said that! I remember saying it in a very summarized way, concluding my answer about the growing journey of a teenager who embraced America and in return received a jar full of worldly knowledge. I remember saying that in a very short but poetic way. The employer would nod and say something nice; his eyes would flicker with the every face expression I made. I hope that was a good thing. Hmmm well, I remember him saying that he thought that I was bright and energetic! Not only that, but today I received an email with another compliment about my many talents and how good of an asset I'd be to the company! I liked it! It's good to hear all that, especially when you've dedicated yourself to domestic pursuits throughout the year and so was I, Naila,
happy to have found myself as an independent girl when walking out the enormous building, knowing that I can be super wife, super daughter and yes, super employee! :):)

I need to arrange my closet and my first day on the job is tomorrow. What shall I wear? I may go with black formal pants and a nice shirt that has flared sleeves with embroidery on the neckline...hmmm....or maybe I should skip the embroidery for now and go for a starch white blouse...?

My new job jitters are starting to appear. I am happy.

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